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   Real review of "FirstBank Southwest" in Amarillo, TX!

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  Ashley Kelley sent us her review January 30, 2017.

  Visited address:
  2401 Georgia St S, Amarillo, TX 79109, USA

"FirstBank Southwest was one of the banks that have a mediocre quality. Everything that FirstBank provides is quite average. All their programs and all their services were almost similar with other small bank or local credit unions. As for myself, I can not say much when it comes what good this bank when you compare with other bigger bank or credit union. But, when it comes from people who lived near FirstBank, It was a better choice rather than several other bank or credit union at the same area. Though this bank has nothing that taken as advantages. They also do not have the shortcoming in their services also. At the end that kind of reason makes FirstBank maintain enough customer to keep their bank running.

Although I do not find anything that stands out in this union. At the same time, I do not feel anything like insecure things by joining FirstBank. Although FirstBank is small, it was decent enough for the customer to not have a complaint about their services. The treatment in there was okay. Also, employees are doing their best for managing and helping all customers that comes daily. FirstBank also has a customer service and also a financial counselor at disposal if their customer needs their help.

As far as I know their customer service can be quite reliable. They handle all the problems that customer facing. Also they as active as possible to ask if there was a significant problem that the customer service can help. At the end, their customer service gives a two-way interaction. Which helps several other customers so they may find a proper place to consult and ask advice too.

It was same for the Financial Counselor. FirstBank may have nothing prominent in their loan programs. But they try to make their program running. It means that the financial counselor takes a bigger part to make sure that customer gets what they want. In my experience, few banks and credit unions have a good financial counselor that helps them decide and give a professional opinion. Sometimes when a customer wants to take a loan from banks and credit unions. They usually want to make sure what step and types of loans they should get. Which a good financial counselor may gives a good consideration for them to decide. Again, in my opinion, FirstBank make an assurance for their customer in taking a loan from them. Although their loan rates and interest are standard. FirstBank makes up for the quality of their consultant.

At the end, FirstBank gives a fair amount of responsibility for their respective programs. At first, I may find out that they have a mediocre standard for a bank around Amarillo. But they keep up they work and quality. With that as assurance, many customers including me do not feel that FirstBank was bad. They performance never let me down or even gives them complain. And with a right moment and the right time. FirstBank may be a better place for a new customer to start their bank."