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   Real review of "Amarillo Community Federal CU" in Amarillo, TX!

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  Casey Pleming sent us her review March 22, 2017.

  Visited address:
  2410 N Grand St, Amarillo, TX 79107, USA

"Amarillo Community Federal Credit Union was one of many credit unions that I would recommend. It's true that this union was not as big as many credit union that located nearby. Although they are small, this credit union provides almost like any other big credit union that I know. Even at certain degree Amarillo Community has several plus points when you compare it with other unions.

At first, I know Amarillo Community from my close friends who live several blocks from this union. He said to me that, he found a good place to manage savings and loan. He said that the loan in this community credit union has a small loan interest. Also, he said that the bank interest in here was quite high and a guarantee for its safety.

Then after hearing the suggestion from my friends. Several days later I come to this credit union. Amazingly the employee greeted me with a kind smile and behave manner. At first, I thought that this union was hospitable because I'm the new face for them. But the result was not like that, other customers that came later on greeted in the same manner as mine. Their service was outstanding. As I first come, the banker asks me about is there something that I need. Then I explain about what I want to get from this credit union. Also, I want to know their savings programs as well their loan. After hearing all my questions, the banker tells all the answer I need in detailed and easy to understand. For me, it was a first time that employee act as friendly as in this union. Many big union and bank that I've come and used their programs don't have this kind of service quality. And after asking several questions I opened my saving account and their interest was not a bluff. My account has a good interest rate than any other credit union that I've joined.

Other things that I want to focus are their customer services. They customer services were very helpful. The employee that in charge in there was very confident in assisting all the difficulties that customer handle. At one time, I have a problem cashing out my check. Then as I ask about what happen with my check, and how to solve it. She helps me from beginning to the end. As she then asks her manager about the current position that happens to me. And then she assists me, in fulfilling all documents necessary to solve the problem. And the most important thing was how she apologizes from the inconvenient problem on my part. Few customer service has a responsible heart as her.

At the end, I was grateful to have this small credit union as part of my financial life. Although you may find several problems such as no online services or ATM's was very old and cause errors when used. All that was a minor problem. As they always in customer oriented services. By making customers more comfortable comparing in other credit unions."