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   Real review of "Magnolia Finance Company" in Huntsville, AL!

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  Scott Sivak sent us his review September 21, 2016.

  Visited address:
  1004 Jordan Ln NW #5, Huntsville, AL 35816, USA

"Huntsville is not only one of the largest cities in Alabama but it is also one of the fastest growing cities in United States. In the last decade alone, this city has recorded more than 15% population increase a factor that major financial institution are keen to take advantage of. One financial company that has built a name for its self in the flooded and competitive financial industry in Huntsville, AL is Magnolia Financial. Established in 1999, this financial company has quickly grown to become one of the most respected financial company in Huntsville, AL and has now opened branches in North Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee. As a well-capitalized relationship lender, Magnolia Financial has specialized in innovative alternative financial and has been helping businesses bridge the gap between capital and growth for over 15 years.

What has made this financial company to grow so fast within a very short period of time is the approach they take to solve current financial problems that modern businesses face. As they say, they are not just a financial lender, they are actually a relationship lender. They did not only fund my business with accounts receivable that cannot secure financing in traditional bank but they also offer customized services that I liked. When I approached them the first time, it did not take time for them to get back to me and they offered financial solution that suit my business model.

Financial solutions offered by Magnolia financial

1. Account receivable financing

Account receivable is the outstanding invoices that the company has or the money that the company is owned from its clients. Account receivable financing that this company offers actually allows business to borrow against their business to business receivables. What I liked about this financial institution is there fast response. The financial institution that I was using before forced me to wait for a period ranging from 30 to 45 day before I get the finance that I was looking for. I found this factor very important because it gave me flexibility that they wouldn’t have gotten with traditional financial intuitions. I was able borrow up to 90 % of the invoice, the same day and once my customer makes the payment, Magnolia Financial collected their fee then credit the remaining balance on my account.

2. Asset based lending

Asset based lending is a unique financial service that allows business to borrow money based on the total value of inventory and account receivables. My ability to get money increased gradually as my business grew. I liked the fact that this financial institution did not subject me to long term contracts, unused line fee or early termination fee giving, a factor that gave me the flexibility I need to reach my goals.

3. Purchase order financing

Purchase order financing allows business to advance cash on purchase order for pre-sold inventories from vendors most asset based lenders usually don’t advance against purchase orders but that is not the case with Magnolia Financial. This financial institution paid my suppliers directly enabling me to fulfill specific orders.

My take on various services offered by Magnolia Financial

Feedback and funding

I have to admit that Magnolia financial gave me fast feedback and funding. They have a team of customer care experts who are not only professional but also friendly. However when you read reviews online, you will discover that majority of people are actually not happy with quality services offered by Magnolia financial, saying that they have too much bureaucracy that makes it difficult for them to get funding on time as they usually claim.

Monthly minimum or hidden fees

Many people who have used the services of this financial institution have complained that the company does not live up to their promise. Many have said that the company usually include monthly minimum and hidden fee. Although mine had no monthly hidden fee, am not quite sure if there was no monthly minimum.

Personal service

I enjoyed the quality of services that this financial intuition offered. Their response time was very first and they also gave me advice on what I need to do so as to get the best from my business.

In conclusion, based on my review, there is no doubt that Magnolia financial is transforming business in Hinesville. However based on various reviews that their previous clients have written, it is clear that this financial institution is not 100% perfect. In fact many clients have complained of poor response and inclusion of hidden fee even after promising too exclude it."

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