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   Real review of "Chapman Financial Services" in Spokane, WA!

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  Matt Shelby sent us his review September 27, 2016.

  Visited address:
  621 W Mallon Ave #603, Spokane, WA 99201, USA

"I am tech guy. I bought a computer in 1998 and since then I am in love with my computer. Later on I took a grand decision to open up an IT firm. But I had enough affection and interest, but lacked money. I was worried a lot. My depression got thicker day by day. And the time I actually wanted to open up my IT firm, a very few people even aware of how these things work. So, it was very rare to see someone who is actually operating an IT business in my city SPOKANE, WA. So I had completely no clue how to start and how to finance. Then I found Chapman Financial Services. And it entirely changed my entire career and my life.

Chapman Financial Services are best financial buddy I have ever seen in my life. Yes, it true that they are the one who survived me and showed me a way. But since then due to business purpose I have contacted many financial companies in Spokane but Chapman are the best of the best. No matter which criteria you come up with to compare this company with another company, Chapman will lead anyways.

I was totally out of my ways. I had no clue where to start and HOW to start. Then I found chapman. Chapman asked for a personal interview. I went then and became very surprised. It was like around an hour they talked to me. They listened from the beginning of story. I told them how I feel about this field and what I want to do. After listening the whole story of mine one of their executives started counseling me. And finally, I came to know that they granted me 5 grand dollar for my new business. They didn't stop there. They started giving the useful tips and showed me some of the greatest business success illustration. They showed me different categories of businesses along with few IT related business. When they were showing me the existing IT business, I was looking at them very curiously as they are of my field. But a Chapman agent told me not to worry because they took the responsibilities of giving me a great startup of my business. And the contract was like they are gonna look after my business and every details very closely for next six months. So I have no more worries for the first six months. Also I get a good amount of time to make my own future plan. And I used my time quite wisely.

They looked after my business for next six months and analyzed each and every details. After six months they gave me a fine presentation made on my business revenue, expenditure and they also added an anticipation with that. I was so happy because I was doing quite good with my business. Now I'm an established businessman. And yet I don't hesitate for a bit to admit that Chapman financial service was the turning point of my life."

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