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   Real review of "Guild Mortgage Company" in Spokane Valley, WA!

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  Chris Paul sent us his review November 2, 2016.

  Visited address:
  12209 E Mission Ave, Spokane Valley, WA 99206, USA

"I am a veteran of the United States, and like so many of us, I am essentially living with no credit score. Thus, getting a loan was not only a pain to deal with, but is almost impossible in most cases. I was really glad when Guild mortgage company pre-approved my loan on about June 2015, and I initially thought they are really good people that honored our service, but it turns out to be a false hope.

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Initially, the broker said that the loan will be no problem, and I was really glad to finally be able to own a home. The broker set the settlement date on July 17th, so I paid for an inspection and surveying, told my landlord that I was moving ( He even congratulated me) with a 30 days notice, and had my furniture packed on my truck. By July 12th, with me basically was ready to move, Guild told me that the settlement would need to be moved to July 22nd, they basically said that my paperwork was not done. I was confused and angry, as I've provided all the paperwork they've asked for. Now my 'broker' won't pick up my calls, and instead, someone else from Guild was asking for things that the other broker said wouldn't be necessary (I even offered the papers before.) So basically, I was delayed because of their miscommunication, or stupidity, or whatever I'll never know. The other guy also asked me to give things of which I already sent them, how can such thing happen in a so called 'big company'?

In the end, my furniture has to be re-delivered, costing me around $3,000 which was quite a lot for me, not too mention my previous landlord already rented the house to someone else. Guild basically cost me a lot of things and would make me a homeless person because of their incompetence. Long story short, after a few more delays and more 'paperwork needed' situations, the homeowner told me that he couldn't wait anymore and had to cancel the deal. I was heartbroken, angry, and was really sad.

I ended up needing to rent a place with a 2-year lease that not only would cost me more than my previous place but cost me a lot more for the inspections, earnest fee, re-delivering of my furniture, and a lot more. I believe in total I spent around $8,000 because of this false loan. I was never a judgemental people, but am I wrong to suspect that I was set up so they can get the commission from my deposit, not too mention my realtor also earned commission from my new rent (which is a lot worse than my old one).

I am a veteran and I'm not terribly rich, in fact, I struggle just to make ends meet, how can Guild do these terrible things? Getting a lawyer would only cost me a lot more, so it's not an option for me at the moment. But something I can recommend is to avoid them at all costs, they are money hungry, blood sucking organization. In case you're wondering, the store in question was the one in E Mission Ave, Spokane Valley. I hope they've made improvements since then."