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   Real review of "Moneytree" in Spokane, WA!

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  Victoria James sent us her review September 27, 2016.

  Visited address:
  4516 N Division St, Spokane, WA 99207, USA

"A few years ago, my infant son fell off a chair with a broken rib that punctured one of the lungs, and just in time when my husband and I was in a very bad shape financially. He's also not yet covered by our health insurance so we are in a very dire situation since he needed immediate surgery.

Overwhelmed, I remembered a Moneytree branch on North Division Street, Spokane, which I often passed on the way from work, and decided to give it a try. I visited them in a hurry (the child is still in the ER), and I was greeted with warmth, which was exactly what I needed.

I explained the situation, and the lady who received me was very supportive, explaining my options and calmed me down (sadly, I can't remember her name, thank you, unnamed lady in memory.) Turns out my only option is to take a payday loan, which I will pay it back in 2 x 14 days time. The lady said that normally the process will need a day (my child can't wait a day!), but she will try to speak to her supervisor about it. She went to the back of the office and returned a few minutes later saying that they are willing to give an exception.

After I filled the forms and signed a check, the money is transferred immediately to my account, and so I rushed back to the hospital, so I was really relieved. The surgery went well with no complications, and I was really grateful for the help from Moneytree.

I know that payday loan has a relatively high-interest rate, and Moneytree is no exception. I remembered needing to pay the loan back with a 45% APR rate, which is incredibly high. However, in an emergency situation like mine, I think the high interest can be justified. Overall, I was really glad about their kindness and fast service.

I did pay the loan back on time, so I didn't need to deal with their collection process, and I can't really review what will happen if you are behind in payment. However, I believe that for most unsecured loans, collections can be a bit rough and stressful, so one thing to remember if you decided on taking a payday loan, is to make sure that you can definitely pay it on time. Not to mention, the interest will be very high if you drag the payments.

Overall, I had a pretty good experience, and I'm really thankful for the help, and if anyone is in an emergency and in need of a payday loan, I'd definitely recommend Moneytree for that purpose. However, as I've stated, keep in mind that payday loans are expensive, and you should definitely weigh your options before taking the loan. Thank you Moneytree for the great help and amazing experience, hope I won't have any similar emergency situation, but if I do, I will definitely run back to you."