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   Real review of "21st Mortgage Corporation" in Knoxville, TN!

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  Jennifer Hatmaker sent us her review October 17, 2016.

  Visited address:
  620 Market St # 100, Knoxville, TN 37902, USA

"I never applied any mortgage to 21 Mortgage Corporation, as so many of us unlucky ones, my mortgage was sold off to them without any previous notice. My mortgage was originally from the GMAC Mortgage, and a few years ago during a financial hardship, I was behind with my payments to GMAC. Even worse, my husband worked for GMAC and was told that as an employee, our mortgage would never be sold off to other companies. As the result of the disappointment, my husband angrily resigned from his job and has struggled to find a decent replacement. To be honest, we had a lot of fights because of that decision, and our marriage has taken its toll in the process.

Back on topic, not only the mortgage was sold off, the new mortgage also forced us with an accelerated payment schedule, which increased our monthly payment to more than 300% our previous payment. As my husband just lost his job (admittedly, at our own decision), of course paying 3 times more is a very, very difficult task. We complained about it for countless times now, but sadly, to no avail. Even worse, the employees at 21st Mortgage were always extremely rude and really didn't have any compassion for our situation. The collection agency was also so harsh, and I even had my door broken because of their banging so hard on it while I was away from home.

We tried numerous time to organize a different, more lenient payment schedule to no avail, and again, we had to face the rude and condescending employees of 21st Mortgage Company, especially the one on Market Street, Knoxville. They harassed us and threatened us for foreclosing so many times, and we were really stressed about the whole process, further damaging our happiness, and our marriage. They keep saying that we should organize payment schedule with GMAC, while GMAC said the account was sold off and they can't do anything about it anymore, so I was kinda stuck in the middle.

One thing my 5-year old was opening the door when the collection agent visited and the guy rudely said to my boy. 'Kid, tell your mom that you won't have any house this Christmas.' My boy was really devastated and won't stop crying for the whole day. I mean, who said things like that to a 5-year old?

Last few months, we have finally been able to secure the money to paid off the mortgage, because my grandmother passed away and left us with some of her riches. My loan, including the late fees etc, was stated as$135,891 on the statement, and we thought we had barely enough to finally paid off this loan and get out from this nightmare. However, when we approached them with the money, they said that there are more fees and penalties, and our loan went up to close to $200,000. I am currently attempting a legal proceeding with a lawyer, and hopefully will get a solution out of this nightmare. Please, stay away from this evil company at all times."

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