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   Real review of "Republic Finance" in Knoxville, TN!

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  Ryan Connor sent us his review December 11, 2016.

  Visited address:
  9220 Kingston Pike, Knoxville, TN 37922, USA

"I have been a long time customer for the Republic Finance branch on Kingston Peak. It is located fairly close to my workplace, so they were my first choice when I was trying to finance a new car. My credit score wasn't all that good, due to a previous financial trouble, but I was getting back on my feet and I had a decent job and salary, so I was a bit in a weird spot.

With that in mind, Republic Finance provided me with a car loan when other lenders wouldn't, and I had to say the process was fairly straightforward. I filled an online application on their website, and only after several hours, I got a call from a lady who was very friendly (sadly, couldn't remember her name at all), she asked all the required details and during the same week, I got another call saying that I was approved.

She told me to prepare all the necessary paperwork and other details in a very clear manner and set up an appointment date to sign the loan documents. I came at the appointed date and time, signed my documents and voila! I got a new car.

I had to admit the interest rate was a bit high compared to the then standard. However, since I simply didn't have any other option, I thought that the rate is justified.

Simply put, I always paid their bill before it's due,and I paid off the car loan without any problem at all.

After the car loan, I took a few other loans with them, all without any problem whatsoever. Then again, the interest rate is a bit high compared to loans you get from 'major' banks and lenders.

A few months ago I took another loan from them as usual. However, this time I had some financial emergencies, so I wouldn't be able to pay them on time for the first time. Since I am a long time customer with a decent history, I thought I'd give them a call explaining the situation, and I would pay them for double the next month. A girl I spoke with on the phone was very understanding and supportive, so I thought I had a deal and I was relieved. However, she gave the phone to her manager, who was very condescending and wouldn't even hear me out. She simply told me that I would need to pay or she will do 'legal proceedings'

In the end, I got the money to pay that money, however, it was still a very unpleasant experience. I understood that as a loan company, you sometimes need to be aggressive to get the negligent customers to pay. However, I was a long-term customer for almost a decade now and I was never behind in my payments with them in all these years. It was a really disappointing experience, not appreciating my loyalty with them."