About Alliance for Educational Justice

About AEJ The Alliance for Educational Justice (AEJ) is a partnership between 28 youth-led and youth-based organizations across the nation who work with local and federal policymakers to transform public education to a system that equally prepares all students – regardless of race or socioeconomic status – for college, meaningful employment, and full participation in… Read More »

Bar-B-Clean: A Franchise with a Highly Profitable Model

A mission of Bar-B-Clean is to promote a healthy, family-oriented lifestyle to our clients while pioneering and leading the barbecue cleaning industry. Low Investment No Competition Low Overhead Large Territories Simple Business Lifestyle Company What investments do you need? With most new franchise owners getting open for business for less than $40,000 (not enough money?… Read More »

Greater Haverstraw Chamber of Commerce (G.H.C.C.)

Quote: “We will be the Chamber of Commerce that defines economic health within the vibrant and thriving communities of North Rockland. The enthusiasm of our membership will set the tone for business growth and development that will engender respect and goodwill throughout the County.” Serving Businesses Throughout North Rockland: Garnerville Haverstraw Mt. Ivy Pomona Stony… Read More »

What is Bright Blue?

Bright Blue ( official website – www.brightblue.org.uk ) is an independent, not-for-profit organisation campaigning for the Government to implement progressive conservative policies to improve in particular the quality of life of the most vulnerable people, here and abroad. Bright Blue is a grassroots movement which brings together people from across the political spectrum who are… Read More »

Free Art Bureau (FAB)

About The Free Art Bureau is a non-profit foundation active in and promoting new practices in open culture. Through a variety of activities and production practices, we are essentially concerned with technology, research, teaching & disseminating open practices, helping to empower and build creative communities that are free from the restraints of closed systems. F.A.B.… Read More »


What does this acronym mean? K.A.S.E.S. – The Kentucky Association of Science Educators and Skeptics A Kentucky nonprofit dedicated to improving science education and critical thinking. “Religious factions will go on imposing their will on others unless the decent peopleconnected to them recognize that religion has no place in public policy.”Barry Goldwater More about the organization: KASES… Read More »

Hypox | Hypoxic

EC Grant 226213 (read more info on www.hypox.pangaea.de) Project background Hypoxic (low oxygen) conditions in aquatic ecosystems increase in number, duration and extent due to global warming and eutrophication. Global warming will lead to degassing of oxygen, increased stratification, reduced deep-water circulation and changes in wind patterns affecting transport and mixing. Projected increases in hypoxia… Read More »

90 Day Loans in Sacramento | Payday, Personal, Installment

Are you facing the worst financial time of your life. Is your income is falling short of your expenses? Unable to find anyone who can provide a financial help. Suffering from bad credit. There are lots of options available through which you can get easy cash support and end all your finance related problems. Mostly… Read More »

Emergency Loans for Single Moms

A single mom can qualify for many loans if she knows where to look. These single mom loans are designed to assist the single moms of the world get out of financially difficult situations. Depending on what the single mom’s needs are, there are various forms of these loans. By searching the world wide web,… Read More »

Personal Finances 101: 8 Things You Must Implement

Financial success is a result of consistent disciplined habits. We as individuals and as a society must eliminate from our minds the mentality and excuse that government programs, company pension plans, financial institutions, or any other person or entity is in control of our financial destiny. We determine our own potential, we create our own… Read More »