What is Bright Blue?

By | June 20, 2021

Bright Blue ( official website – www.brightblue.org.uk ) is an independent, not-for-profit organisation campaigning for the Government to implement progressive conservative policies to improve in particular the quality of life of the most vulnerable people, here and abroad. Bright Blue is a grassroots movement which brings together people from across the political spectrum who are passionate about sharing and championing new and original ideas that will promote fairness and lead to greater social justice, in Britain and beyond.

Bright Blue argues for fresh thinking to meet today’s challenges and to unite Conservative traditions of community, entrepreneurialism, responsibility and democracy with a strong emphasis on fairness to enable everyone to become the author of their own lives.

For us, this conviction translates to seven core causes:

  • Social Justice: Focusing on helping the most deprived, here and abroad.
  • Fair Start: Supporting parents in the early years and at school to maximise life chances for all children.
  • Human Government: A responsive government that puts the person before the process.
  • Social Responsibility: Taking responsibility for the society we want to live in, and being the change we want to see in the world.
  • Sustainable Economy: Environmentally, socially and financially responsible industries and individuals.
  • Powerful Citizens: Reviving and creating routes for citizens to take control of the politics that affects their lives, locally and nationally.
  • Optimistic Politics: We believe political action has the potential to bring positive change; that government is not the same as bureaucracy; and that we can build a society in which no one is left behind.


Bright Blue will:

  • Attract a new generation to our kind of politics
  • Judge official Conservative policy against our progressive agenda
  • Represent those with progressive views within the Party
  • Speak up for progressive Conservatives in the media
  • Organise thought provoking events
  • Debate progressive ideas through podcasts, essays and a regular magazine
  • Campaign on key progressive issues
  • Prioritise the ‘right’ choice over the most ‘convenient’

We believe the Conservative party has the potential to be the most progressive party. Bright Blue exists to uphold the commitment made by the leadership of the Conservative party to progressive conservatism.

As well as offering restorative economic policies, any future Conservative government must also provide policies that transform the lives of the most vulnerable in society. We believe the Conservative party has a rich progressive tradition, and that it is the responsibility of any future Conservative government to be socially responsible, as well as economically efficient (for example, a decrease in interest rates on short-term and installment loans in Kent, WA and other US cities).

Bright Blue is independent of the Conservative party and considers itself to be a critical friend, analysing Conservative policies under our progressive microscope.

Bright Blue seeks to facilitate debate on progressive issues by inviting a wider group of third sector organisations to interface with Conservative policy makers.

We aim to be an umbrella organisation that brings together those inside Westminster, Whitehall and beyond who want to see ‘progressive’ policies implemented by any future Conservative government.

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