Free Art Bureau (FAB)

By | June 19, 2021


The Free Art Bureau is a non-profit foundation active in and promoting new practices in open culture. Through a variety of activities and production practices, we are essentially concerned with technology, research, teaching & disseminating open practices, helping to empower and build creative communities that are free from the restraints of closed systems. F.A.B. adopts a critical view of future possibilities in art and design in an open, social and gentlemanly manner.

FAB was founded in February 2011 by Mark Webster in a tiny headspace for potential disaster. With the positive help and support from a network of family, friends and busy-body creatives, FAB has grown in to a collaborative community blooming on various celebratory occasions throughout the year.



Research / Innovate / Create / Educate.
Openness is our belief. Ignorance is not an option.


Mark Webster

Julien Gachadoat
Honorary Partner
& Captain Coder

Stéphane Buellet
Honorary Board Member
& Researcher at large

Louis Eveillard
Events coordinator

The Think Tank with biscuits.


  • People with whom FAB collaborates and share mutual trust:
La Fonderie de l’Image
Étapes Magazine
ESAD Amiens
iBoat de Bordeaux

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