3 month loans: Payday, Installment, Personal. Direct Lenders Cash Advance with BAD Credit!

By | February 12, 2019

In this article, we will give all-out consideration to the matter how to obtain an urgent loan for a period of 3 months (or more). We will clear up a question considering the amount of a sum and the terms on which you can get it. We will also learn how to apply online for a cash advance using a computer or mobile phone without leaving your home (office) and compare the concepts such as “a payday loan” and “an installment loan”.

(!) BUT, first of all let’s talk about the terms.
In practice, payday loans are short-term loans. As a rule, they are issued for a period from 1 to 4 weeks (from 7 to 28 days). Therefore, the expression “3 month payday loans” often misleads people! After all, the maximum period for which the Borrower can receive money under this type of loan is 1 month, but not 3 months. And the maximum amount is $ 1,000. You should understand this when applying for a short-term loan!

If that’s the case, then where is it possible to take a 3-month loan from direct lenders with bad credit score (or “NO” credit), if payday loans are not quite the ticket?

What can be done if you need a cash advance exactly for 3 months (90 days) or even for a longer period (6, 9, 12 and even 24 months), but your bad credit history makes it impossible to get a consumer loan in a bank? In this case, the medium-term credits, which also have low requirements for the Borrower and ease of processing (you can receive money within 24 hours after the filing) can make a rescue for you. Therefore, it’s more accurate to call the loans issued for more than 1 month – “3 month installment loans”, “6 month installment loans”, “12 month installment loans” and so on (and not “3 month payday loan”). As we have said earlier, the maximum term for such cash advances is 2 years. And the maximum loan amount is $ 3,000. But the requirements are a shade higher than in the case of short-term payday loans (but the conditions are more favorable as well).

(!) Therefore, the Borrower can choose the type of loan that suits more:

A payday loan up to $ 1,000
1) To apply for a payday loan (GET!) for the term up to 1 month with minimum requirements.
– even with a bad credit history,
– there is no need to send documents by fax (no faxing),
– the decision on the application is made in a few minutes (almost instantly).
Apply for online payday loan


An installment loan up to $ 3,000
2) To apply for a loan for the term up to 3 months (GET!), providing the necessary documents (by fax).
– lower interest rate,
– loan amount is up to 2000-3000 dollars,
– loan term is up to 1-2 years (12-24 months)
– convenient schedule for redemption of indebtedness.
Apply for 3 month loans

In each of these cases, the application is submitted online (via the Internet). The whole process takes no more than 3-5 minutes! We offer the potential Borrowers a simple and on the top of that reliable (safe and secure) form of the questionnaire. More than 100 direct creditors will receive your application. So a chance to get approval from at least one of them is very high!

Who can apply for the 3-month installment loans? Basic requirements for the Borrower.

No complicated checks of your credit history are made. Practically every resident of the United States can receive at least $ 1,000 on credit if he meets the following requirements:
– Your age is 18 or above 18,
– You live (and work) in the USA absolutely legally,
– You have your personal: phone number, email and bank account,
– Your period of continuous employment at the last place of work is at least 3 months.

That’s all! It is easy, isn’t it? And the best part is that such loans (unlike the personal loans) are issued for any needs: urgent purchases, repair of a car or home appliances, payment of medical bills, rent and so on.

(!) Spend just 5 minutes of your time to fill out an application and tomorrow (and perhaps even today!) you will have the necessary amount of money (from $100 to $3000) on your account.

Another advantage of online loans is round-the-clock service operation!
A tremendous advantage in situations of extreme urgency (when money is needed “today and right now”), is that microloans are available online round-the-clock, seven days a week, and even on holidays. Applications are accepted and processed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (24/7).

“Same Day Payday (or Installment) Loan” is another misconception!
Yes, you can really get a short and medium-term loan very quickly. But as a rule, the money comes to your bank account within 24-48 hours. The decision on your application is made almost instantly, but it will take at least 1 day to transfer money. The scheme is quite simple: today you fill in the application, and tomorrow the money is yours!

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