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By | February 13, 2019

One of the fastest and most convenient ways to find money in an emergency situation (and anyone may face some unforeseen expenses, like the need to pay medical bills, repair a car or a washing machine, buy medicines, etc.) is to get a short-term loan (commonly known as a “payday loan”)

«Emergency payday loan» is an urgent financial help in the amount of up to $1000 for the period from 1 to 4 weeks (7-28 days) for any needs and with minimum requirements to the Borrower (small but stable monthly income will be enough to get a loan.)

It is very convenient that the client doesn’t have to leave his home to submit an application for such a microloan. Any US citizen (of the full legal age) simply fills in an application online (via PC, tablet or smartphone) and in case of approval, the Direct Lender transfers the full amount of the loan directly to his bank account. Thus, loan can be received in the shortest period of time. Usually, the whole procedure starting from filling in an application and till receiving a loan takes less than 24 hours! Moreover, applications are being processed 7 days a week: yes, on weekends and during holidays too. Our service operates 24/7 in an automatic mode.

Apply for emergency payday loan

Why online emergency payday loans are so beneficial?

Our online service has several advantages:

  • the client gets money very quickly (up to 24 hours);
  • no need to send any documents via fax (no faxing);
  • the application is processed within several minutes;
  • no need to visit an office – money will be transferred directly to a bank account;
  • only direct creditors (no extra commissions);
  • a borrower even with bad credit history can get money;
  • amount of the loan can be from 100 to 1000 dollars;
  • according to statistics, most of the applications are approved;
  • any US citizen who has reached the age of 18 can apply for the loan;
  • an application can be submitted 24/7 from anywhere.

Thus, in case you have faced some temporary financial difficulties, you can always count on the Emergency Payday Loan, which will help you solve them in the shortest time. Of course, money is not the most important thing in our lives. But in today’s economic situation, no one is immune to force-majeure. And we are here to help you in such situations. No hidden conditions or extra fees! Everything is very transparent, fast and convenient (it will take you up to 5 minutes to fill in an application). If you submit an application today, tomorrow you’ll have the required amount of money. All your data will be completely safe thanks to the 256-bit SSL secured form.

“Can I get a loan if I’m unemployed?”
Unfortunately, NO. One of the main requirements set by the Lenders is that a Borrower has to have a continuous work experience of at least 3 months (90 days) at the last place of employment. You can get the loan only in case if you are a legal resident of the United States and you are officially employed in the territory of the USA. Also, you need to provide your mobile phone number and email.

“Can I get the Emergency Payday Loan if I have a bad credit history?”
Yes! Even in such a situation you’ve got all the chances to get a loan. Borrowers with bad credit history and with large debts also receive loans but their limit may be lower due to the significant loan debt burden. Each situation is appraised individually.

“I’ve never had any loans (I don’t have a credit history.) What should I do?”
Absence of credit history («no credit history») is not a reason to refuse you in getting an emergency loan. Probably, in this case you will not be able to receive the maximum possible amount ($1000), but we will make every effort to provide you with an advance until you get your salary (usually up to $500).

You can easily solve any financial difficulties if you handle the issue wisely!

Apply for emergency payday loan

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