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  01 Nov 2016   "Investing in Renewable Energy for Household Electricity"!
  20 June 2016   "Finacial Tips & Business Ideas (List here)"!
  16 March 2016   "Top 20 most expensive watches in the World (ranking 2016)"!
  27 February 2016   "The average Transportation costs in 14 Countries"!
  24 February 2016   "A list of top 5 craziest actions of rich people"!
  15 February 2016   "Finance Tips: How to live well with Low-Middle income"!
  12 February 2016   "The most popular Cars for people with LOW & HIGH income"!
  5 February 2016   "Ranking states of the USA and their Capitals by Income (2015)"!
  2 February 2016   "How loans help many people to travel the World"!